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The success of, including how up-to-date we are able to keep the directory and what features we are able to add, depend upon the sponsorship of like-minded churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals.

There are several ways you can help.

Gifts of support

If you would like to give a gift in support of this project, you can make a check or money order payable to “Baptist Ministries” and mail it to: Baptist Ministries, C/O Ron Meldrum, 2393 New Vineyard Rd., New Vineyard, ME 04956.  If you prefer to give online, contact us with the amount you would like to send and your e-mail address, and we can send you an “invoice” which can be paid by credit card, paypal, or echeck.  Whether you send a one-tme gift, a recurring amount, or take up a love offering for this work, we are grateful for all of the support this work receives.

Church Sponsorships

A church, or an individual on behalf of a church, can upgrade their listing in the church directory to “Sponsor” level.  This highlights the church listing, causes it to float to the top of state listings and search results in the directory, and allows for the upload of extra photos to the church listing.  If you have an account at and maintain your own listing, you can upgrade to this level by editing your listing.  If you do not maintain the listing yourself, you can contact us with the name of the church and your e-mail address, and we will send an invoice.  The cost of this sponsorship is $21.95 for a one-year term.

State Sponsorships

Each state has the possibility of one sponsor.  A state sponsor has a banner at the top of the state’s listings, plus their church gets all the benefits of the “Sponsor” level of support.  For a list of states currently eligible for sponsorship (ie., not already taken), see our state sponsorship listings.  You can reserve the sponsorship online and pay either online or by mail.

Annual Sponsorships

We also offer one-year annual sponsorships.  This puts your link in the sidebar of every page on, plus gives your church all the benefits of the “Sponsor” level of support.  See the Annual Sponsorship item in our online store for details.

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