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Personal Revival

An immediate Need

Personal spiritual revival is an immediate, critical need for Christians in most nations today. We too often are worldly-minded, forgetting that we can and should live a victorious life thanks to what Jesus did for us on the cross almost 2,000 years ago.

The Bible describes the person living a victorious, Christ-centered life in Psalm 112. In part it says, “He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid . . .” (v. 7-8). Until we can say that about ourselves, we are in need of spiritual revival.

I say “personal” revival, because every revival is individual. An entire Church can only experience revival insofar as members of that Church have been revived, quickened by the hand of the Lord.


Some short, thought-provoking readings:

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