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Northside Baptist Church

Northside Baptist Church
Church Name: Northside Baptist Church
Pastor's Name: Marc Grizzard

Northside Baptist Church is an old fashion, friendly country church, that still uses the King James Bible, hymn books, old fashion preaching, and great home cooking each and every week. We have a six fold purpose at Northside:
Exalt the Saviour
Expound the Scripture
Evangelize the Sinner
Edify the Saint
Equip the Saved
Enlist the Servants

We would like to invite you to come and visit our church where you will feel welcome and right at home. Everyone is an honored guest. The only thing we like better than a first time guess is a second time guest. So come and hear biblical messages that will teach you the word of God and not correct it and singing that will stir your soul like the old camp meetings. Looking forward to seeing you there. Pastor Marc

Does this church broadcast services live online?: No
Are there audio or video messages available on the web site?: Yes
Phone Number: 386-688-6170
ZIP Code: 32060
Physical Address: 12790 72nd Terrace
Live Oak, FL 32060
Mailing Address: 12790 72nd Terrace; Live Oak, FL 32060
Town / City: Live Oak, Florida

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