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Berean Baptist Church

A King James (KJV), Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church.
Berean Baptist Church
Dwayne McQueen

We make no apology for conducting our church services without the use of and or dependence upon the seemingly popular, modern fads & fashions of the day. We still believe, that without the leadership and help of the Holy Spirit, all singing, teaching, preaching, & any other church activities, would be nothing more than religious entertainment.In simple terms; we have not conformed to Liberalism or subscribed to Legalism.We’re glad to have you visit our site, it would be a greater blessing to have you worship with us!
2028 Hwy 49, Wiggins, Mississippi 39577, United States of America
2028 Hwy 49, Wiggins, MS 39577, United States of America

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