We are raising $4500 to help the Meldrums through the cold Maine winter. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. You can give on-line or by mailing a gift (see description).



Many of you already know Bro. Meldrum and his work. Bro. Ron is founder and director of Baptist Ministries. He grew up in a Pastor’s home — his father pastored 8 churches over 45 years from Missouri to Maine. Bro. Ron himself pastored for 13 years and worked as a missionary for 6 years, plus labored in his on-line ministry (which became Baptist Ministries in 2005) for 24 years. He served on the Board of Directors for Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a KJV independent Baptist rescue mission and soup kitchen in Lewiston, Maine, for 13 years — serving 5 years as Chairman of the Board and 7 years as Treasurer. He has helped launch many ministries through his online work of web site assistance and hosting, and has authored 2 books and 2 DVDs.

Bro. Ron has lived a life of faithfulness and sacrificial service. Now he needs our help.

As a result of multiple health crises which began last year (congestive heart failure, Afib, brain tumor), Bro. Ron is now unable to work like he used to and is transitioning out of the internet ministry. He is very limited in what he can do day-to-day, and likely will continue to be limited for at least the next 18 months.

We are raising $4500 to help the Meldrums through the cold Maine winter. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Baptist Ministries is committed to helping, also. All gifts we receive will be given directly to the Meldrums with no fees withheld on our part. We will also, at our expense, send a copy of his DVD, “Why We Use the King James Bible”, to any individual or organization who gives $100 or more. To those giving $500 or greater, we will send copies of both his books and both his videos. We hope by this to bless both the Meldrums and those who give to support them at this critical time.

You may give online using credit card or Paypal using the form on this page, or by mailing a gift payable to “Ronald Meldrum” to:

Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956



9/1/19 update: Praise God! Thanks to a church who took up an offering at their camp meeting, last month the Meldrums were able to get a car again after the last one was totalled in a deer strike. The new vehicle is a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with excellent working 4-wheel-drive, which will be instrumental in getting Bro. Meldrum to his appointments this winter.

9/15/19 update:  Bro. Meldrum is now transitioning out of Baptist Ministries work.  Although heartbreaking for him, after 24 years of Internet ministry, he is doing this in order to allow the ministry to continue, grow, and excel under new leadership.  More details will be announced as the transition progresses.

9/19/19 update: Cold weather has set in in Maine. Nights in the Meldrum’s area are getting down into the 30’s.  Assistance at this time is important and very appreciated.


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