[UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of churches and individuals, winter heating costs are now fully covered.  There are many needs, but heat for this winter was the biggest and most urgent.  The Meldrum family thanks those who are praying, who have given, and who continue to give to help during this challenging time.]

Brother Ron Meldrum has always been busy. Pastor for 13 years before becoming a missionary to the rural western region area of Maine; Founder and Director of Baptist Ministries; Founder of FundamentalTop500.com; Founder of the Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches; Vice Chairman and Treasurer of Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a rescue mission in Lewiston, Maine; a helper to countless ministries in their web site work over the years; and so much more.

Now, he needs your help.

Bro. Meldrum was diagnosed this summer with a tumor on his brain. He is currently unable to do any of the work which he typically does to supplement his family’s income and is very limited in his day-to-day activities.

Baptist Ministries is raising funds to help him through the winter. If God moves you to help, you may send help online by clicking the button below:

Or, you can mail a gift or a card or a note of encouragement to:

Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956