Discovering Bible History: an exciting look at how archaeology and history prove the accuracy of the Bible.

Finally, a documentary that looks at history through the lense of the Bible, instead of looking at the Bible through the colored lense of academic understanding of history.

In this documentary, learn how archaeology, history, and other sciences support the Bible.

When we look at the world with the assumption that the Bible is true, everything falls into place.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, history has proceeded with the assumption that the Bible is myth — even convincing many Christians that the historical narrative of the Bible is untrustworthy. Yet, again and again, the Bible is proven to be right as new discoveries are made. Again and again, historians have mocked the Bible, only to fall silent when a new discovery once again proves it to be accurate.

In this project, we look at ways the Bible has been proven to be accurate. We visit the Age of the Earth, Pre-flood civilization, proof of the flood itself, giants, the Hebrews in Egypt, a key find from Abraham’s time, and more archaeological discoveries in Egypt, Israel, and Syria dating to Old Testament times which support the Bible’s narrative.

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