Pastor Don Woodard, Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, VA, has released his latest book, Help of Heaven. Help of Heaven is filling a need that has existed for years in fundamental circles.

Every Christian, at some point in their lives, loses a loved one. Every pastor, at some point in their ministry, must counsel and comfort somebody who has lost a loved one. This is an issue with which everyone must deal.

While there is plenty of pop-psychology material available, even in “Christian” book stores and written by prominent “Christian” leaders, there is very little sound, reliable counsel available in book form.

Help of Heaven is a game-changer in that regard. Finally, there is a trustworthy and effective book available to give to hurting people. You can use it to minister to grieving people without worrying about subjecting them to liberal theology, psycho-babble, or new age philosophies.

Help of Heaven walks the reader through their grief, using the Bible as guide. Each chapter deals with one thought or one aspect of the grief that the hurting person is dealing with, and includes journal-style pages to allow the reader to record their own thoughts and reactions. It is designed to be read one chapter each day, giving the reader the godly sustenance, comfort, and biblical support they need to get through the crisis in which they find themselves.

Every funeral home, every church, and every counselor should have a case of these books to hand out to grieving people. Brother Woodard’s book will offer faith-building, honest comfort without undermining your principles and beliefs.

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