The Clark Family singers have hit another home run with their latest CD, “You Are God Alone.”

I had been waiting for an opportunity to get a copy of this CD, as I have a couple of their previous projects and found them to be well done and moving — and, they are some of my teen children’s favorites, too. Yesterday, at a KJV Baptist preacher’s fellowship at Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Lisbon, Maine, a copy of the CD was given to each of the pastor’s wives. My wife grinned as she showed it to me, since I had been talking about wanting that very CD just a few days earlier. I couldn’t wait to get it home to listen to it.

“You Are God Alone,” lived up to all my expectations. I had come to depend upon The Clark Family for sound, wholesome, joyful, God-honoring music, and this latest volume built on that foundation.

Particularly moving were “Tradin’ this Old Cross” and “I Thought She’d Never Leave.”

Songs included on this CD project are:

1. He Came To Me
2. I Found It All
3. I Love The Old Time Way
4. He Loved Me To Death
5. Don’t Be Afraid
6. Second Birth
7. You Are God Alone
8. I Want To Be That Man
9. I Thought She’d Never Leave
10. Tradin’ This Old Cross
11. That’s My God

Christians should get copies of this CD (and previous works by The Clark Family) for their pastors, for their youth, for their Sunday School classes, and for themselves. They will find the Holy-Spirit-anointed music to be encouraging, uplifting, sometimes even challenging. You know how hard it is to find good, uncompromised music. The Clark Family has some of the best.