Pastor Scott Davis
Pastor Davis, pictured here at the 2013 Relay for Life Survivor’s Dinner, is a 28 year survivor of stage III embryonic carcinoma.

Scott and Andrea Davis left Michigan in November of 2010, and headed west to start an Independent Fundamental Baptist church in the small ranching community of Lovelock, Nevada. Lovelock is a town of about 2000 people. There are 13 other churches in this town and they are the only King James preaching, Gospel witness there. Needless to say, it has been a tough row to hoe.

Bethel Baptist Church has been holding services for almost 2 1/2 years and now and has a small core group of members who are hungry for the Word of God. The Davis’ sending church recently gave them a van to help build the Sunday School, so, they are now reaching the youth of Lovelock with a new van ministry.

The church is renting their building and attached apartment from the local Episcopal church, who has merged with the Methodist church to share the finances. At first, utilities were included in the rent, but in May of 2012, when their lease was renewed, the church start paying its own utilities as well as the rent. Since then, the church-plant has not been able to pay the rent on time. Within the past three months, rent has been getting paid 3 weeks late, then 5 weeks late and now, as of August 30th, will be 2 full months behind.

The church has been trying to purchase the property since November of last year, but the Nevada Episcopal Diocese is dragging their feet on setting a purchase price. The Davis Family covets your prayers for this purchase price as their biggest need.

“It only took the faith as a grain of mustard seed for Jesus us to save us so, it will take less faith than that for Him to meet our financial needs,” said Pastor Davis. “All in His timing and by whatever means or by whomever He chooses to bless this church-plant.”

The Davis’ are on our 3rd time through Lovelock knocking on doors, and they get lots of folks who tell them that they will come to church, but they don’t show up.

They were told by one of their members that this area is referred to as the “preacher’s graveyard” because, many new churches have been started, but they have closed their doors inside of 2 years because “there wasn’t enough money in it for the pastor.”

Eleven souls have come to Christ since the Davis Family began ministering in Lovelock, which is a pretty good number for that part of the country. Only one of those attends church regularly. It’s not for a lack of discipleship, it’s just that they are still waiting for the church to close, like all the others that have come to town. Many opportunities have been blown because of these come-and-go preachers who have soured the community against church in general. That is why the Davis’ are determined to stay unless God clearly calls them elsewhere.

Pastor Davis a 28-year survivor of stage III embryonic carcinoma. God used his senior year of high school to cure him of this cancer to surrender his life to Him.

“I know that He has called my wife and I to this town,” says Pastor Davis, “and, until He says otherwise, we are staying here no matter how bleak the financial situation may look. We thank you for your prayers for this ministry.”

Pastor and Mrs. Davis

Pastor Scott Davis
Bethel Baptist Church
880 Franklin Ave
PO Box 779
Lovelock, NV 89419