For many years, my favorite Bible study software has been SwordSearcher.

When I read the Bible, I like to have an actual book in front of me. When I preach, I preach from the book.

However, when I study the Bible, I have found the SwordSearcher program to be the single most useful tool I have ever used. SwordSearcher is the tool for any serious Bible-believing Bible student.

When it’s time to prepare a sermon, I nearly always have SwordSearcher open on my computer next to my Bible. It allows me to instantly look up related verses and commentaries. What used to take me 20-30 minutes (finding related verses and pulling commentaries off the shelf) now takes just a few seconds, which means more time for actual study and less time spent finding books and flipping through pages.

In fact, SwordSearcher 7 has over100 study resources, including commentaries by Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, Spurgeon, Scofield, Burkitt, Bullinger, Barnes, Henry, Darby, Gill, and others. Many reference tools are included, such as Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, Thompson Chain, Smith’s Bible dictionary, Strong’s Concordance, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, hundreds of maps and illustrations, and much more.

One of my favorite Bible views on SwordSearcher is the “King James with Strong’s Links” which shows the King James text with links you can click to instantaneously look up any word in Strong’s.

Other books are also just a click away, such as works by Torrey, Larkin, Carroll, and Halderman.

SwordSearcher provides access to numerous Bible translations. Sorry, no NIV or ESV here. But, you will find several translations faithful to the Textus Receptus in many languages. Want to study in the Spanish Reina Valera instead? It’s a just a couple clicks away. Want to read it in the King James 1611, with the original spellings before the spelling was standardized in later editions? No problem.

Do you want to read the King James side-by-side with the Reina Valera? It’s an easy thing with SwordSearcher.

You can see a complete list of the resources that come with SwordSearcher at

It would cost hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars to acquire all of these resources in book form. With SwordSearcher, they are at your fingertips and fully searchable.

Yet, with all of its features and complexities, it is so easy to use that any Christian can benefit from it.

This is a tool which I have used for many years. I’ve seen it get better and more useful with every version. I have it open several times a week. As a busy “bi-vocational” missionary pastor wearing many hats, I have found this tool to be indispensable to my ministry. It takes much of the “grunt work” out of Bible study and leaves so much more time for actual study and seeking God.