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BaptismOn this page are lists of fundamental ministries on the internet. If you have or know of a web page that you think belongs on one of these lists, please submit it to me and I will consider it for inclusion. The links below have been carefully screened, and you should find them to be (except where noted) solid KJB, independent, fundamental Baptist resources; however, since none of these are under my direct control, they could literally change at any time. Please let me know if you come across something questionable.


Stephen Brogdon, missionary to Mexico City.
Christ to the Nations, Cocoa, FL.
The Georges, missionaries to La Plata, Argentina. See also their Spanish-only page.
Indonesia Needs Jesus, missionary Don R. Mustain, Jr.


Black, Jason, Ona, WV.
Boyd, Joseph M., West Union, WV.
Johnny the Baptist, East Point, FL.
Kennedy, Joseph, Creation Evangelism.
Miller, Greg, New Boston, Ohio.
Williams, Tom, Murfreesboro, TN.


Other Ministries
Many of the web sites that were once listed here have moved to the Fundamental Baptist Publishing and Sundry Sites pages.

Balaam's Ass Speaks
Blunt, uncompromised presentation of resources and issues pertaining to fundamental Baptists.
Bible Truths
A ministry of Cooper Abrams, church planting missionary in Utah.
Billy Sunday On-line
Christian News & Views
"Earnestly contending for the Faith; exposing deception in politically correct churches."
Faith Music Missions
A local-Church ministry producing fundamental music we can trust.
A Friend to Churches Ministries
Dr. Samuel Gipp's ministry.
Dial-the-Truth ministry WWW site.
The Fundamental News Service
Articles concerning doctrine, current trends and religious phenomena, and current events; primarily by David Cloud.
Hope Haven Gospel Mission
Serving Jesus by serving the poor and homeless in Lewiston, Maine.
Peoples Gospel Hour
Radio ministry of Perry F. Rockwood.
Lester Roloff Ministries
Mission to the poor and desparate -- founder of Roloff Homes.
Sunshine's Corner
Julia Faulkner's ministry to women, with Bible studies and encouraging articles.
Street Preachers' Homepage
The Way of Life
Literature ministry headed by David Cloud; features books (for sale) on various subject and electronic access to O Timothy magazine.

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